Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mom's Crazy Amazing Italian Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Gluten Free)

This sandwich was my mother's idea.  I made it for lunch one day and it was so delicious everyone said I had to put it on my food blog.  When I asked my mom what she wanted to call it she said, "My Crazy Amazing Italian Grilled Cheese Sandwich."  I told her that could be arranged.  Of course, I used my Italian Gluten Free Baked Bread for this recipe, but if you are not going gluten free an Italian Ciabatta bread would be a nice substitute.

"This sandwich is CRAZY amazing!" - Mom "This is the best sandwich I've ever had!" - Husband
Ingredients for 1 sandwich:
2 slices Italian Gluten Free Baked Bread
1 large slice provolone
12 slices pepperoni
2tsp dijon or stone ground mustard
Butter, for cooking (at least 3tbs)

1. Place 2tbs butter in a nonstick skillet and heat to medium high until butter is melting and starting to sizzle.
2. Meanwhile, put your sandwich together.  Spread dijon on one slice.  Top with cheese and pepperoni and then the other slice of bread.
3. When the butter is hot, place the sandwich on the skillet, turning down the heat to medium so it doesn't brown to quickly.  When one side is brown, flip over the sandwich (adding more butter where the pan is dry).  Cook the other side until browned, covering the pan with a lid if the cheese is not melting quick enough.  Serve hot.

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