Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Salty Tuna Salad

Normally when you think of tuna salad, you think of the mayo and relish laden kind that makes up a typical lunchtime fare.  Instead of using your high fructose corn syrup laden relish I tried some diced green olives for a salty kick.  Add a squeeze of lemon and it was fantastic.  A quick and healthy lunch is served.

Who needs relish with this satisfying dish?!
1 can low sodium albacore tuna
1tbs mayonnaise, gluten free
10 small green olives, chopped
1tbs olive juice
2 lemon slices, squeezed
1c broccoli slaw
1/2c arugula

1. Drain your tuna.  Place in a bowl and mix in mayo and lemon juice.
2. Add your olives and veggies and mix well. Add olive juice and mix again until thoroughly coated.
3. Enjoy!


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