Sunday, December 18, 2011

Easiest Eye-of-Round Roast

Usually, the eye of round roast is considered a tough lean cut of meat and takes quite a bit of work to tenderize it.  Of course, putting it in the slow cooker is always an option, but I was short on time.  The oven roasting technique I used gives the roast a crusted outside, with a juicy pink center.  It really is a tender, juicy roast and I promise the easiest one you will ever make!  Enjoy!

A perfect roast.

1-3lb eye of round beef roast
sea salt and fresh ground black pepper
1tsp dried herbs of your choice (I used thyme, garlic and rosemary)

Perfect tender slices of roast
1. Preheat your oven to 500F.  Season with herbs and a generous amount of salt and pepper.  Place in a roasting pan or baking dish.  Do not cover.  Do not add water.
2. Place the roast inside your preheated oven.  Reduce the heat to 475F.  Roast for 7 minutes per pound (for a 3lb roast cook 21 minutes).  Then turn your oven off and let it sit in the hot oven WITHOUT OPENING THE DOOR for 2 1/2 hours.
3. Remove, slice and serve.

Nutritional Information:
1 serving = 4oz sliced roast
Calories: 190
Carbs: 0
Fat: 10g
Protein: 23g
Sodium: ~200mg

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