Saturday, October 11, 2014

Product Review: New York Baking Company's Silicone Baking Cups

Yes, 1 more review on an inventive product:  silicone cupcake baking cups.  I received these in the mail about a week ago and I waited until my husband's birthday yesterday to try them out.  Prior to using them, my 1 year old daughter LOVED playing with them.  In fact, she plays with them almost every day:

Penelope approved!

 So, yesterday I made gluten free yellow cake with dark chocolate frosting (my husband's favorite).  They turned out delicious.  Sorry, no recipe today because I cheated and used Pamela's Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix and Pamela's Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Frosting Mix.  Not quite as good as the cupcakes I make from scratch but still delicious in a pinch.  Okay, back to the baking cups.

Happy Birthday Anthony!

Easy to use.  Just use them like regular paper liners.  Easy to peel.  They didn't stick to the cupcake and I love the fun bright colors. Plus, you don't have to worry about buying disposable liners all the time.  I can definitely remember trying to make cupcakes or muffins and running out of liners.  With 24 of these dudes in a pack, I definitely won't have that happen to me again.

You have to clean each one when you are done (obviously).  I thought they were pretty easy to clean but my niece told me if you don't clean them right away they can be tough to clean.  I didn't have a problem with these particular baking cups so maybe it depends on the brand.

My friend Alexis told me that she used them for a birthday party at her house and everyone threw the liners away so she had to go digging in the trash after the party to retrieve them.  She said it happened a few times actually.  So they are good for home use but I wouldn't take them to a party.  Also, if you try to remove the liners before serving them, the cupcakes really aren't very pretty at that point.

Great product.  I will definitely use them again (and so will Penelope). If you are lazy or in a hurry and don't want liners to clean, buy disposable.  If you are bringing them to a party, I would still buy disposable.  But for home use?  Great!

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