Friday, March 28, 2014

Paleo Breakfast Smoothie: Weight Loss Edition

I pretty much drink a smoothie every morning for breakfast when the weather gets warmer. Why? Because they are light, refreshing, energizing, healthy & don't weigh you down. I make all kinds of smoothies but this one in particular I make when I am trying to shed a few pounds.  It doesn't contain any fruit so it has less sugar to spike your blood sugar. But just because it isn't as sweet doesn't mean it's not jam packed with flavor. In fact, it tastes like a lemon meringue pie. Pretty good for a filling low calorie breakfast, right?  I think so too.

1 scoop vanilla protein powder 
Note: For weight loss I recommend the DoTerra Trim Shake in Vanilla found here because it has EssentialTrim which manages appetite & carb cravings, Solathin to increase feelings of satiety, and no artificial favors or sweeteners. Otherwise choose your favorite vanilla protein powder.
1c unsweetened vanilla almond milk
A handful spinach or arugula
4 drops Lemon DoTerra Essential Oil (buy here under "Single Oils")
A few ice cubes

1. In a high quality blender add almond milk, greens, protein powder, essential oil and ice. Trust me the Lemon essential oil makes ALL the difference in the taste of this shake OMG so good!!!
2. Blend until smooth. 
3. Drink up! 

More Information:
To purchase any DoTerra products visit My Wellness Store or contact me at for more information on how to blend primal eating with a comprehensive DoTerra weight loss plan. 

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