Thursday, October 13, 2011

Spicy Italian Sausage and Peppers on the Grill

Sausage and peppers is a traditional Italian dish, but I Americanized it a bit when I decided to throw everything on the grill.  It took about 15 minutes to make this entire dish and when I was done, I ladled some of my favorite marinara on top and, viola!, a meal for all.  Instead of using traditional Italian sausage (which would have been amazing by the way) I went for some antibiotic, gluten, and nitrate free chicken sausage from Trader Joe's.  But, any sausage or brat would have been great in its' place.  Enjoy.

Ladle with marinara and you're off!
1 package Trader Joe's Spicy Italian Chicken Sausage (nitrate, sugar, gluten and preservative free)
1 yellow bell pepper, 1 red bell pepper, and 2 green bell peppers, halved or quartered
Extra virgin olive oil
1/2 jar of your favorite marinara
Fresh basil to add to marinara, if desired
Olives to add to marinara, optional
Sea salt

1. Heat your grill to high.  Meanwhile, rub peppers with about 1tbs of good olive oil.  Sprinkle with sea salt.
2. Place your peppers and sausages on the grill.  Cook until starting to char on one side, then flip.  Cook until charred on all sides, peppers are slightly soft and sausage is hot (the one's I bought were fully cooked.  You will need to cook them longer if they are raw).
3. Meanwhile, heat up some marinara in a sauce pan.  Add some additions if desired:  I added some fresh basil and olives.
4. Ladle the marinara over the sausage and peppers and serve.  Quick simple healthy meal in 15 minutes!

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