Saturday, October 15, 2011

Easy Breakfast Salad

How do you take your eggs?  Fried with warm, runny yolks please!  For breakfast, I made a couple of fried eggs and placed them on top of a handful of mixed greens and diced cherry tomatoes for a quick simple salad.  No dressing needed:  the yolks will do the job nicely.  To really spice things up, add some crumbled bacon on top for the ultimate bacon and egg salad.  Of course, I was plum out of bacon but my salad still tastes great.  Simple.  Delicious.

Fresh, healthy breakfast for all!
2 large omega-3 eggs
some olive oil
handful mixed greens
6 or 7 cherry tomatoes, diced
sea salt and fresh ground black pepper

1. With a little oil in a nonstick pan, heat pan to medium.  Crack eggs into the pan and let them cook until lightly browned on the bottom and starting to firm on top.  Give the whites a little flip over the yolk, turn over, and turn off heat.  Let them set on the hot pan for a minute or 2 to give the yolks a little more time to warm (be careful not to over cook your eggs).
2. To serve, place a handful of greens on a plate.  Top with eggs, then tomatoes, then a pinch of fresh salt and pepper.  So simple but so satisfying.  Enjoy!

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